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Bird cage for sale

*Note… this post is just an example, everything after this line is bogus*


As a fundraiser, the Radio club is selling this beautiful bird cage, donated by a member. Proceeds will be donated to the local bird rescue!

$200 firm. Please contact me at to arrange pickup!


Portable SDR

I am not endorsing or backing this kickstarter yet, but I do want to keep an eye on it, and may make a small contribution. It looks Very interesting.

Basically, its an open source, handheld SDR. I think this is exactly the type of thing the HAM radio community needs more of. This device can demodulate and modulate the HF bands. It can’t transmit on its own. Hopefully, it will mature to be able to do so with future hardware revisions.


Looking at the data for Hex Beams, I might try to build one.

Here is a guide that looks interesting. I think this could be adapted to make an amazing portable station.  What I am thinking is to adapt the design to use very light wire, and Tent poles for the primary support.  The base could be thinner material, or something easier to work with.

About this site


This is my HAM Radio Website.  You can expect to see all manner of things related to HAM radio here, as well as technical topics I think may be of interest to HAM operators.  If its geeky, and its not related to work, you’ll find it here.

You will also find links to other sites and resources that I personally use.  I am not interested in building a general link site….  all link here point to services I either use myself, or that looked valuble enough to me that I want to check them out and wanted to make sure I don’t forget about them.

I am president of the Steel City Ameture Radio Club.  If you would like to hang out for an eyeball QSO… why not stop up at the club on social night?  I hope to see you there, or on the air!