Area Repeaters

These are the Repeaters that I check into from my QTH in Independence Township (Beaver):

My QTH is down in a hole, but I have a 50 watt mobile into a Slim Jim at about 25 feet. It can’t see over the ridges, but its enough to get out. I cant even hear most of these with a HT.

Repeater Freq +/- PL
W3UDX 147.360 + 131.8
W3KWH 147.030 + 123.0
NHARC 146.88
WASH 146.955 131.8
N3QWW 147.270 + ????
N3TN 147.135 + 131.8
W3SGJ 145.310 100
APRS Freq 144.390

On the External Resources menu, you will find a link to the WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA REPEATER COUNCIL, which lists every coordinated repeater in Western PA. This is a huge list, and I have not verified its accuracy, but they seem to have done a cleanup in 2013, so they should be more up to date than many repeater councils.